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AKA Shit he went through directly before his canon update in Luceti for my reference.

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Sup. List for all the moments Sakura kicks ass for Charles, because I can. Possibly to include exact episode references later on.

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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Nara Shikamaru
Journal: [personal profile] endgames
RPG: [community profile] luceti

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.


May. 2nd, 2012 03:23 am
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And then I shamelessly copied [community profile] sketdansu. Character-specific aging chart of Shikamaru's time both in canon and in RP.


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So I have tons of headcanon on Shikamaru, whom I roleplay. I even have this headcanon/factoid post on his journal. It's a disjointed mess right now because I keep jumping from one subject to another, thus it's locked until I finish it. But I've been thinking a lot on Shikamaru's background lately and wanted to at least get an outline for it.

...somehow I wound up with over three pages? Whoops. Nothing very good, pretty sure I'm just rambling. I'm probably just gonna break it down into its more important parts for bullet points on the actual post.

I feel like I should add commentary or references to this. It's all based on points I've gleaned from watching the anime and reading the manga, though some are expanded more than others. Shikamaru's backstory is weird though. Most of his history is told in cameos for other characters' histories, the only one of any prominence being when he met Chouji. Besides Shino and Tenten (whose backgrounds aren't shown), he's the only one without any kind of tragic past. Unlike Shino and Tenten, he's actually featured significantly enough for this to kind of stand out. IQ aside, I think he's meant to be the normal one. Still, normal =/= perfect, and thus we get this.

You can skip over this, it's all just for my reference. 8|b )

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So this would be the part where I do intros, huh? 8|a

Unless you've randomly stumbled upon this, you should know I'm Pi. I roleplay at Luceti (Brook from One Piece, and Nara Shikamaru from Naruto), but this is my personal journal. ...I'll probably be talking about RP when I do post here, or other fandom things, though. XD Chances are I'll talk about RL too, but it'll be f-locked. So I guess if you want to add me, just let me know who you are somewhere.


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Jaime is an average human teenager. He appears to be athletic, and is bilingual (Spanish and English), but on his own possesses no noteworthy powers.

The Scarab, however, is a sentient AI attached to his spine. It serves as a tactical adviser of sorts, and provides the Blue Beetle armor as well as extensive weaponry and other features. Such as:

Armor. The Scarab on Jaime’s back grows and provides a full suit of armor over its host, covering him head to toe. This can be done in as little as a second or two.

Survival. This armor is highly durable, capable of protecting Jaime when a golem several stories tall stepped on him – twice. It was also able to withstand the dangerous water pressure levels when they were tossed out into the Pacific Ocean. It seems to be able to adapt to various environments, such as allowing Jaime to breath underwater in the first episode of the season.

Transformation. What the armor is made out of may be unknown, but whatever it is it seems to be very malleable. Its transformative abilities have been showcased numerous times, shaping arms and sometimes even the full body into weapons or other items. Partial transformation is also possible, as seen in “Beneath” when Jaime covers his hand in armor, turning the finger into a lock-pick, or when the Scarab attempts to turn his arm into a cannon.

Weaponry. By far the most extensive feature of the Scarab’s abilities. New uses are revealed almost every episode, as they become relevant, and many of them as new to Jaime as they are to the audience. It’s likely only the Scarab has full knowledge of everything they can do, outside of what’s already on this list.

Cannons. Both arms can transform into a sonic cannon. Jaime favors this, though he typically only uses one. A plasma cannon, so far only seen with one arm (this appears to be the Scarab’s favorite). A much larger energy (currently unknown but may also be a plasma) cannon can also be formed in combination with both arms and the chest. All cannons have various ranges and dispersal settings.

Staple Guns. Another favorite of Jaime’s, each hand can be turned into a staple gun of sorts. These fire blue staples of various sizes, which Jaime uses to pin an opponent (without piercing them, as the Scarab would prefer) so they’re unable to fight or escape. A much larger staple gun can be formed by fusing both hands together.

Other. Basically whatever the suit feels like. Electrical charges, Large pincers for grabbing things, battering rams of various shapes and sizes, maces, and scythe blades just to name a few.

Miscellaneous. Besides the above, the Scarab also provides several abilities useful outside of combat.

Flight. A pair of translucent wings grant Jaime the ability to fly, though oddly they don’t flap. Additionally, the suit has rocket boosters that, when in use, can keep up with a speedster. Jaime made the flight from El Paso to Rhode Island in approximately an hour.

Scanner. Infrared (used on Whisper and Bruno), X-Ray (used on the Hall of Justice when Superboy’s infrared couldn’t see), and a scanner to measure vital readings (used on Whisper and Bruno, after they were rendered catatonic). When in use, Beetle’s arm will turn into a pronged, rotating scanner and his eyes will be covered by thick, glowing yellow lenses. Without this scanner, the Scarab is also capable of functioning as a lie detector (with debatable accuracy).

Communication. Thus far there hasn’t been a language shown that the Scarab couldn’t translate for Jaime. Works both ways, as Jaime was able to speak with the Krolotean despite never hearing the language before. The Scarab was even able to help Jaime communicate with the Golem (a creature brought to life by technology the Scarab is not compatible with), albeit through atypical means. By acting as the Golem’s conduit, Jaime was also able to use this so the Golem could communicate through words to him and Superboy.

Information. The Scarab appears to have a database spanning the technology of many worlds. Sometimes it will share, such as when Jaime questions what a Boom Tube is, but often it will keep things to itself if it deems it unnecessary.

Technology Interface. Via the suit, the Scarab is capable of manipulating technology upon contact, altering programming and/or hijacking its functions. Examples include disabling the inhibitor collar, and opening the door Black Beetle locked.
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Just writings for an RP event, as I imagine how things went with the scarecrow mask. Which shows you your worst fears.

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notes: his worst fears lie both with losing the people he cares about and breaking is promises - the strongest of which are his loyalties to his village, and his promise to Asuma.
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